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Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 2 1989 pages 120-21
Sarah Green
324 Fowler, P J & Walters, B, Archaeology & the M4 Motorway 1969-71 (Tormarten, County of Avon, to Comin Street, Berkshire), Wiltshire Arch. Magazine Vol 74/75, 1979/1980 (published 1981), 69-133.
Location: "Currently divided between the Society's museum at
Devizes and the Swindon Museum of Thamesdown District
Council, except for a small amount in the private Castle Farm
Museum, Marshfield". It is hoped all will go to Devizes.
For site/pottery details, see entry nos. 324-330.
325 'Site 5: Brotton Hill Wood, Burton, Wilts', in entry no. 256,
sir (surface material)/set (ditch section)/second half of 1st-late 4th
For other details see entry no. 323.

'Site 17: Hook, Lydiard Tregoze', in entry no. 323, 90. 
sir/RB well; farmstead/lst-4th
For other details see entry no. 323.

'Site 20: Nightingale Farm, Swindon', in entry no. 323, 90. slr/?set/2nd
For other details see entry no. 323.

'Site 21: Badbury, Chiseldon', in entry no. 323, 91-110. sir/vil/mid lst-4th
Representative sample of pottery from 350 years of occupation.
For other details see entry no. 323.

'Site 22: Medbourne Lane, Chiseldon', in entry no. 323,
For other details see entry no.323.

'Site 27: Medbourne, Liddington', in entry no. 323, 115-119.
sir/RB occupation/lst-2nd 
For other details see entry no. 323.

'Site 33: Finches Farm, Baydon', in entry no. 323, 125-128.
sir/set (EIA-RB)/mid lst-4th orc
For other details see entry no. 323.

Hostetter, E & Howe, T N, 'Preliminary Report on Excavations of the Late Roman Villa at Castle Copse, Great Bedwyn', Wiltshire Arch. & Nat. Hist. Magazine Vol 80, 1986, 97-102.
Preliminary report no details on the pottery.
Location: Devizes Museum
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 3 1990 pages 105
Sarah Green
527 Borthwick, A M & Pengelly, H, 'Roman pottery other than samian', and 'Samian', in Hurst, H, Dutnall, D L & Fisher, C, 'Excavations at Box Roman villa 1967-8', Wilts. Arch. & Nat. Hist. Mag. Vol. 81, 1987, (19-51), 45-46.
exc/vil/mainly 3rd-4th
Only a small assemblage, an outline report with no fabric or form series, but indicating what was present on the site and what was used as dating evidence.
Location: Devizes Museum

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 4 1991 pages 97
Nick Cooper
786 Borthwick, AM ('Other wares') &: pengelly, H, ('Samian'), in Hurst, H K, Dortnell, D L & Fisher, C, 'Excavations at Box Roman Villa, 1967-8', Wiltshire Archaeol & Nat Hist Mag, Vol 81, 1987, 19-51.
exc/vil/mid 2nd & late 3rd-4th
Only 224 sherds are recorded, none are illustrated, and they are used purely as dating evidence.

787 Davies, S, 'The pottery', in Rahtz, P. 'Bower Chalice 1959: Excavations at Great Ditch Banks and Middle Chase Ditch', Wiltshire Archaeol & Nat Hist Mag, VoL 83, 1990, (1-49), 30-47.
exc/rur/lst-4th, but mainly 1st
The pottery is from late Iron Age ditches containing evidence of continuing occupation in the area through to the late Roman period. A total of 51 vessels are illustrated, from nine contexts/groups.

788 Johnson, P & Walters, B, 'Exploratory Excavations of Roman Buildings at Cherhill and Manningford Brace', Wiltshire Archaeol & Nat Hist Mag, Vol. 82, 1988, 77-91.
"Basic domestic wares of the 2nd-4th centuries", all unstratified in the upper levels and in medieval robber trenches.

789 Phillips, B, 'Starveall Farm, Romano-British Villa', Wiltshire Archaeol Hist Mag, Vol 74115, 1979/80 (publ. 1981), (40-55), 47-50.
exc/vil/3rd & 4th
16 vessels are illustrated in stratigraphical groups of 3rd and
4th century date.

In future the bibliography will not be printed in JRPS, but will be an exclusively on-line resource. New contributions are listed below
Joanna Bird June 2008
1481  LAIDLAW, M. Pottery. In: C. Malim/A. Martin, A Romano-British roadside settlement on Chapperton Down, Salisbury Plain Training Area. Wiltshire Studies: Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine 100, 2007, (117-120) 104-130.

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