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Roman Pottery Bibliography - Yorkshire: page 2

794 Perrin, J R, Roman Pottery from the Colonia 2: General Accident and Rougier Street, The Archaeology of York: The Pottery, 16/4, 1990, 241-373 (complete fascicule). 
exc/twn/mid 2nd-4th/ggp,typ amp/bbl/bb2/clm/cram/ebo/fcp/gry/ktm/Inm/mhm/mrb/mca/
This is the second York Archaeological Trust report on Roman pottery (cf JRPS 3, entry no. 534, for the first). As the author states, much of the pottery was from unsealed levels, but nonetheless it is an extremely useful publication, especially for 2nd century material. The full quantification data is on microfiche but there is a clear summary on p249, and there are 13 tables in the text showing minimum numbers of vessels by fabric and form. The report is very clearly set out, easy to use and, perhaps most important, readable: it will undoubtedly be useful to archaeologists in general, and not merely to pottery specialists.

Williams, D F, 'Amphorae from York', in entry no. 794, 342-362.
exc/mil,twn/lst BC-4th AD/ggp 
This is a general summary of amphorae from York sites, including material from the General Accident and Rougier Street sites. There are very useful comments on individual forms, but it is a pity there are not more illustrations.

796 Rigby, V, 'An Amphora Sherd from the Beadlam Roman Villa', in Price, J & Wilson, PR (eds), with C S Briggs and S J Hardman, Recent Research in Roman Yorkshire, Brit Archaeol Rep Brit Ser 193, 1988, 313-321. 
A Dressel type 1 amphora from outside the area of their known distribution.

797 Sumpter, A, 'Iron Age and Roman at Dalton Parlours', in Price, I & Wilson, P R (eds), with C S Briggs and S I Hardman, Recent Research in Roman Yorkshire, But Archaeol Rep Brit Ser 193, 1988, (171-196), 179, 188-9 & 190-1. 
exc/vil/Iron Age, 2nd AD, and esp. 3rd & 4th 
A review article, not illustrated. An entry for the more detailed publication on this site will appear in JRPS 5.

798 Wilson, P R (ed), The Crambeck Roman Pottery Industry, Roman Antiquit Sect, Yorkshire Archaeol Soc, 1989.
exc,syn/kln/late 3rd-late 4th,early 5th/ggp,typ
A re-issue of Philip Corder's original reports together with recent work by Jeremy Evans, et al. It is very useful to have brought together all the available work on Crambeck pottery, but a great shame that it was "Perfect"-bound: my copy is a heap of loose sheets.

Evans, J, 'Crambeck: the development of a major northern pottery industry', in entry no. 798, 43-90.
syn/kln/late 3rd-late 4th,early 5th cm
The results of recent research on the distribution and marketing of Crambeck pottery, and fabric characterization.
    Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 pages 136-37

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies  Vol 5, 1992 pages 141

Journal of Roman Pottery Studies Vol 11 2004 pages 140-41

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